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Burgalaries on the Rise!

An alert to all residents of the Randolph area! A home on Kemper Street was burgalarized recently. Apparently there was a TV stolen from the residence. If you have any more information on this incident please post it here (use the comment feature below).

I got a call earlier this week from Joe Alexander. He told me that at 2AM on Saturday morning he noticed someone on my back porch. He asked the man what he was doing, knowing the person did not belong there, and the man said something like his aunt lived at my house. Joe told the man to leave and called the police but they obviously did not arrive in time. This was obviously the man who later came back to break into the home on Kemper Street.

Thank you Joe! I could have been the one missing a TV today (or who knows what else).

What to do to prevent crime in our area:

  • Know your neighbors. You won’t know if someone suspicious is around if you don’t know who IS supposed to be there.
  • Leave front and back porch lights ON all night. We don’t have enough street lights in Randolph West (don’t get me started on that) so the more light the better.
  • Keep doors locked and blinds closed.
  • Do not put product boxes outside. If someone sees a large screen TV box outside by the trash can, they already know whats in your house they can steal.
  • Add more locks. Install additional locks beyond the standard locks to prevent people from kicking your doors in.
  • Activate your security system. Every home in Randolph West has a built in security system. Activate it and put up signs letting everyone know you have a system and you’re using it. Even if you’re not – put up a sign anyway. Every house in Randolph should have a security sign posted.
  • Get involved. Be a part of  the Homeowners Association and/or the Neighborhood Watch. Even if you’re not a homeowner, we want you to be at the meetings and communicate with everyone. Randolph West neighborhood watch contact: Tyrone – jacksoty@aol.com HOA contact: Morgan – info@randolphwesthoa.com
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