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In Addition….

–there was also, a break-in on Lakeview Ave.  The measley individual(s) took a patio chair off the back porch and used it go through a window this past Saturday night (4/11/2009).  No one was home and the police were called and dusted for fingerprints.  I have yet to receive an update.  With that being said, make sure your SECURITY TABS are engaged on your windows!!!!  They help.  Also, even if your ALARM SYSTEM is not being monitored you can still activate and use a very loud deterrent.  If you are getting triple play from comcast (which most do because of the way the package) you’re halfway there.  Set it up and spend the extra $20 per month.  If you have four roommates, do the math–not much extra a month.  CALL UNITED TECHNOLOGIES AT (804) 307-3783 and ask for the Randolph West HOA Discount–not sure if that exists but, hell.  Ask anyway 🙂   Also, KNOW YOUR BLOCK CAPTAINS!!!! WE ARE STILL AWAITING THE INSTALLATION OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH SIGNS.  I’M OUT.

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