Randolph West is a subdivision of Randolph in Richmond, Virginia. This website serves Randolph and surrounding areas. It is provided by the Randolph West Homeowners Association.

Recent Break-Ins & 10 Ways to Secure Your Home

Over the past week there have been reports of attempted and successful break-ins in Randolph West. 1617 Jacquelin Street was broken into twice in recent days and there were attempted break-ins at 1700 Kemper Street and 1608 Lakeview Avenue.

1617 Jacquelin had 2 laptops and a Playstation stolen. The house was entered through a side window where the screen was cut and removed. The incidents occurred sometime during the night this past weekend (Nov 20 – 22).

10 Ways to Secure Your Property

There are many different things we can do to secure ourselves and our property while living in downtown Richmond:

  1. Lock Windows, Doors and Use Window Security Tabs
    An extended window security tab.

    An extended window security tab.

    Everyone knows this, but you can’t be reminded enough – lock and bolt your doors. Lock your windows. Also, all windows in Randolph West have security tabs. Be sure they’re activated (extended) and your windows will not be able to be opened more than a few inches – even if someone breaks the glass.

  2. Add Additional Locks
    Even with your doors locked and bolted, a good hard kick can sometimes break the frame and open the door (ever watched COPS?). Install additional locks beyond the standard locks to prevent people from kicking your doors in. If you’re not sure how to do this on your own contact the HOA – info@randolphwesthoa.com
  3. Activate Your Security System
    All homes in Randolph West have a built in security system, but it must be active and used properly to provide any protection. These systems can be activated and monitored by any security company (like ADT) and the cost is very minimal – $20 to $40 per month.
  4. Turn On Outdoor Lights
    Criminals don’t want to be seen when they’re trying to break into a home. Turn on your front and back porch lights and leave them on all night, every night. If every home in Randolph West keeps their lights on, break-ins will be reduced! New street lights and alley lights are on the way, but until then we must light up our area of Richmond.
  5. Keep blinds closed
    Criminals are more likely to break into a home when they know they have the chance at stealing something valuable. Keep all your blinds closed night and day so anything of value will be hidden from outside. And if your blinds are broken, replace them immediately. Broken blinds don’t just allow criminals to browse the merchandise, it also makes the neighborhood look bad.
  6. Do not leave product boxes outside
    If you buy a brand new big screen plasma TV (or any other valuable product that someone could carry away quickly), don’t advertise that fact by leaving the box outside. To criminals that’s like putting up a sign saying “Break into this house!”
  7. Know Your Neighbors
    Simply taking the time to know who lives around you will allow you to know when someone around our homes is not supposed to be there. Stop and introduce yourself.
  8. Join the Email List
    Anytime there is any criminal activity we send out messages to the email list. Click here to join the email list here and you’ll know immediately if there are any incidents.
  9. Get Renters Insurance
    We have a lot of renters in our area. If you rent in Ranoldph West (or anywhere else really),  you’d be wise to have a renters insurance policy. They’re very inexpensive and will protect all your valuables. Check with car insurance company as they might provide even more discounts for having multiple policies.
  10. Get Involved
    Be a part of  the Homeowners Association and/or the Neighborhood Watch. Even if you’re not a homeowner, we want you to be at the meetings and communicate with everyone. Randolph West neighborhood watch contact: Tyrone – jacksoty@aol.com HOA contact: Morgan – info@randolphwesthoa.com

What To Do If You’re a Victim

If you have a break-in (or notice an attempted break-in) please do the following:

  1. Call the Police. Call 911 or the Richmond Police non-emergency number 804-646-5100.
  2. Notify the Randolph West Homeowners Assoc.  – info@randolphwesthoa.com – so we can get the message out to everyone.
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What Security Company Do You Use?

I know a lot of people are using ADT. What security company are you using and what do you think of them?

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