Randolph West is a subdivision of Randolph in Richmond, Virginia. This website serves Randolph and surrounding areas. It is provided by the Randolph West Homeowners Association.

Streetlight Update 5 p.m. Monday Aug. 29

From the Richmond Department of Public Utilities:

Area of the city where streetlights are not operational:

At this time, the Churchill area does not have street lighting.  The substation and power distribution network are off line and undergoing repairs and evaluation due to Hurricane Irene.  The affected areas are bounded by the following: Southern: James River to City Line; Eastern: to I-95; Western: to RMA and Broad Rock to McGuire Blvd.

Substation feeding Shockoe Bottom, Shockoe Slip, and lower portions of Downtown area, feeding Fulton area undergoing repairs.  Restoration estimates approximately 3-days; all repair efforts are focused on Church Hill at this time.

At this time, the Southside area does not have street lighting.  The Wise Street Substation supplies power for this area, which is off-line due to Hurricane Irene.  The affected area is bounded by the following:  North: to I-95; East: 64 East: to County Line Henrico; South: down to Walmsley Blvd; and West: to Belvedere Blvd.

The Overbrook Substation which serves the Northside of the City is without street lighting.  Power is currently turned off from Dominion Virginia Power. This area needs further assessment and no further data is available at this time.

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We Must Do Our Part To Stop Crime

From the Randolph West HOA President:

We must all do those things necessary to prevent crime.

We tried for over 5 years to get street lights. Yes we will get them in the next 60 days installed as long as RRHA and the City fund the installation as promised.

All of you were instructed to make sure your MOTION LIGHTS were operable. On each break-in or attempted break-in the Homeowner did not have their MOTION LIGHT in the on position; this is negligence.

We have also found that some of you refuse to utilize your built-in home ALARM SYSTEMS BFE had installed in every home in Randolph West; this is negligence.

However, we can not make any excuses for the criminals who would enter your homes with the intent to rob you or do harm to you. These people are not worthy of living period.

Every Homeowner should stay alert wherever you live and also watch out for your neighbor too.

The police are only going to come after you have been victimized, therefore, it is incumbent upon you to do the right thing. Most of you do not follow simple requests to keep your TRASH CANS pulled back to the concrete pad in front of your storage room for obvious reasons. When a neighborhood starts to look tacky and slummy, that neighborhood tends to invite the two legged RATS!!!

All of you need to do better to protect your turf and do not despair when these awful things occur because of simple security measures neglected by you. We are living in tough times and there are those who want to take what you have rather than get a job to earn what they want.

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